Woman left in stitches after catching handyman slagging off her decor on flat camera

We’ve all watched enough interior design programmes to know that people can have very different styles.

From crushed velvet to rainbow walls – what one person may love, another may abhor.

But that’s the great thing about interior design, you can have what you like in your own home, regardless of what others may think.

One woman left people in stitches recently after sharing a very awkward moment she caught on camera on TikTok.

Kat Hope Jones wasn’t in the flat when two maintenance workers visited – but a camera set up to monitor her dog Hudson captured the moment.

One of the workers can be heard exclaiming: “Everything’s pink, the refrigerator, the washing machine….she’s got pink s*** everywhere.”

The other worker replies: “Yuck,” before they both move away from the camera.

The initial video left people in hysterics, as one joked: “They’re mad they don’t have taste.”

But another wrote: “They can have their own opinion, not everyone likes the same stuff.”

Another maintenance worker added: “I’ve worked in the industry for ten years now and my tech tells me to always act like there’s a camera inside, even if you can’t see one.”

In a follow-up video, Kat said she thought the video was funny – and appealed for commenters to treat the workers with respect.

She said: “I don’t think it’s cool to be mean. I think we’ve all been mistreated before in our life and had someone say something that wasn’t kind to us.

A third commenter wrote: “I love that you’re not upset like some of your comments, it’s hilarious. Everyone has different tastes, cute house though.”

Kat replied: “It was super silly. What’s even funnier is that the girl who lives across the hall from me has a super pink apartment too<” with a crying emoji.


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