Gran, 53, mortified after accidentally encouraging family to buy her a vajazzle

Emma Griffiths did a double-take when she spotted mum Debbie Bicknell apparently declare that she ‘loved’ the stick-on gems and thought her family might buy them for Christmas

A gran was left red-faced when she mistakenly tried to encourage her family to buy her a vajazzle for Christmas – which really would have added some seasonal sauciness.

The bonkers beauty trend has (mostly) been left behind in history – after shows such as The Only Way Is Essex made it popular.

But one mortified daughter thought her mum suddenly had a penchant for blinging up her bikini line after a mixup over WhatsApp.

Emma Griffiths was in stitches after mum Debbie Bicknell seemingly declared that she ‘loved’ the stick-on gems during a late-night conversation about gifts.

The admin assistant had been teasing Debbie about what she’d already bought her for Christmas before the excited gran-of-eight, trying to guess, suddenly declared ‘I bet it’s vajazzles’.

Mum-of-one Emma was left in stitchs at this apparent confession and things got worse when she asked why she would buy her own mum that, only to be told “because I love them’.

After being quizzed further on what she meant, the 53-year-old elaborated that she meant Jazzles – a white chocolate sweet covered in hundreds and thousands.

The 35-year-old quickly pinged over a screenshot of what vajazzles actually are, leaving sweet-toothed Debbie howling with laughter.

Emma said that Debbie ‘always gets things wrong’, but admits this one ‘tops the lot’.

The ‘mistress’ of malapropisms’ antics were shared online with the caption ‘Not sure I trust my mum to write a Christmas list this year’.

The hilarious post went viral, racking up almost 15,000 likes, shares and comments.

Emma, from Ash, Surrey, said: “I got the message late at night, at around 11.30pm, and I was half asleep and really confused. When she said she loved vajazzles I was horrified.

“I remember thinking ‘This is so out of the ordinary, why is she confessing this to me?

“Is my 53-year-old single mother actually telling me she vajazzles at home?’ Obviously, she didn’t have a clue why I was so horrified.

“She does get things wrong a lot, it’s a bit of a running joke in our family.

“So when she explained it was the chocolate I was just like ‘wow, you have said some things in your time, but this absolutely takes the biscuit’.”

She added: “I said to her they were on TOWIE and that if she went to Essex I’m sure she could get herself one quite easily.

“This mix-up is pretty big, I reckon it tops the list. Obviously I’m going to have to get her a vajazzle kit for Christmas, she’ll have a good laugh about it.

“I’ll probably get her some Jazzles as well.”


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