Energetic black Labrador has the most excited reaction to having a wee ever

The dog’s enthusiasm is clear to see, as he excitedly sprints around the garden after spending a penny

An adorable Labrador’s ridiculously excited reaction to having a wee has had the internet chuckling.

Energetic four-year-old Duke is absolutely buzzing when he successfully heads outside to spend a penny.

The Labrador has never quite got over the excitement of being praised for heading to the toilet outside, as shown in this hilarious clip.

The video shows Duke’s reaction to having relieved himself in the garden, sprinting energetically in laps around the large open space.

He zooms up and down the decking and across the grass as his owner asks why he’s so insanely happy.

As Duke’s owner explains, the dog uses the garden as a toilet everyday, hence the confusion why he’s so pleased with himself.

But the Labrador isn’t interested in listening to reason, instead continuing to celebrate by running around the garden in a crazy fashion.

The dog’s owner finds his antics hilarious, continually praising her dog while chuckling at his excitement over such a routine task.

Viewers were clearly also amused by Duke’s antics, with one user commenting: “My dogs do this. They kick after they’re done and run around like they did a thing, so cute.”

Another commenter wrote: “Love zoomies.”

A third added: “Adorable.”

Duke isn’t the first Labrador to hit the headlines of late.

A chocolate Labrador called Poppy had an amusing reaction when she was introduced to little sister, Ivy.

In the video, viewers are given a glimpse into the relationship between the canine siblings, with the clip starting by showing Ivy biting and pulling at Poppy’s collar while her older sister stares dramatically into the distance.


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