Staff members leave ‘brutal’ note after walking out in protest over wages

The note went viral on social media and sparked a discussion about huge increases in the cost of living, as well as how much chains should pay their staff members

We’ve all dreamt of quitting our job in a dramatic fashion, but sadly it’s often impossible to do so in real life.

But one set of fed-up employees did just that – after pinning a note to the door of the shop so people knew what had happened.

The workers at Hot Top, a chain store at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota, made it extremely clear what the issue was.

The note said: “Almost all of our staff [walked] out due to in the inability of the Hot Topic Company to support and give a living wage.

“We cannot support ourselves and our families. We have worked so hard and cannot do this any longer.

“You cannot pay your workers in passion. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

The note went viral after being posted online, with one woman writing: “People are not accepting poverty wages any more. Corporate America is in for a fight.”

Another commented: “Total support for these Hot Topic workers and for fed-up mall goths everywhere. A cool “alternative” job is still a job, and as they so poignantly wrote, “You cannot pay your workers in passion.”

Over the weekend, ABC 6 spoke to a current and ex-worker of the chain about the mass walkout.

“We’re getting just an outpour, an insane outpour of international support,” said Elle Driskell Felts and Sarah Sailors in a joint message.

“It’s all across the world; basically, it’s insane. And we really appreciate it; it means the absolute world to us, especially those of us who had especially hard times.”

Ex-employee Driskell Felts, who worked at the store last year before quitting told the Post-Bulletin that staff were fed up.

She said: “The major issue was the pay was absolutely nowhere for what was expected of us.

“It’s not okay that people in management were working as close to full-time as they were allowed by the company and still having to choose every month between paying a bill or getting groceries. That’s just not okay.”


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