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Tottenham union suits Conte and Levy after summer blame game

Confront previous inconvenience and own the narrative. It is a staple PR play. And how Tottenham pushed it on Tuesday as they trumpeted the arrival of Antonio Conte as their

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Businesses selling non-FDA-approved stem cell products grew four-fold in five years, study says

More than four times as many businesses and clinics than were identified in 2016 are selling stem cell products not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and lack

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Britain’s BT goes it alone in fibre race with faster, cheaper build

BT (BT.L) heralded its progress in building Britain’s biggest fibre broadband network on Thursday, saying lower costs and strong demand would underpin returns to investors, in its latest effort to

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Apple’s system to tell on creepy apps just arrived in beta

Apple’s App Privacy Report, announced at WWDC 2021, has made its way onto iPhones with the first release of the iOS 15.2 beta, according to MacRumors. The new screen in

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Beautician horrified as client turns up with botched lashes stuck with hair glue

A lash technician has shared her horror, after a client came in to have a botched set of eyelash extensions removed which had been applied using hair bonding glue There’s

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