How to Get Your E-Newsletter Read: Timing Matters

In an earlier post, we talked about the importance of crafting a great subject line for your e-newsletter, so we figured we should talk about the importance of timing when you’re sending out that newsletter. The truth is, you can

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Step-by-Step Guide to Google+ Authorship

If you’ve ever written web content, you should absolutely be paying attention to the new Google+ option to show authorship. This authorship means that your byline and picture will come up on Google when anyone searches for content that you’ve

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Writing

You’ve got a great idea for a blog, or an essay, or even a screenplay. But having that brilliant idea is one thing, and getting it on paper (or on Microsoft Word, as it were) is another thing entirely. Many

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What Kinds of Blogs Do People Read?

If you’ve created a professional blog (or even a personal one), you obviously did it because you wanted other people to read what you have to say, not because you want to send your thoughts off into a black hole.

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DIY or Hire a Copywriter? Part Two

Last week I began addressing the age-old question: Should you write your own copy or hire a professional to do it? I already suggested that if you don’t enjoy writing or don’t have the time in your busy schedule to

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DIY or Hire a Copywriter? Part One

Having a do-it-yourself mentality is great when you have a birdhouse to build or a bookshelf to craft, but there are certainly times when DIY projects can go awry. For example, building a functioning roller coaster in the backyard for

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Most Common Social Marketing Mistakes

From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Tumblr to personal blogs, social media is pretty much an unstoppable force at this point, and you’d be hard-pressed to name any major business that hasn’t gotten into social media marketing. Many organizations

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Get Listed: An Easy Way to Market Your Local Business Online

Throw out your Yellow Pages! Consumers have moved online when searching for local businesses. A whooping 97%  use the Internet to research local products and services, according to a recent Kelsey Group study. But here’s the thing: the Yellow Page

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Please, Take My Money: Call-to-Action Methods That Work

Direct me – but don’t tell me what to do. One of the great paradoxes of using calls-to-action is that people need to be guided and encouraged with clear, forceful language – but it better not come off like you’re

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How to Get Your E-Newsletter Read: The Subject Line

Putting together an e-newsletter is a lot of work. Even if most of the content just reflects what you’ve put up on your site recently, you still have to format it, write an introduction, and make sure that it’s error-free.

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