Effective Infographics on a Budget – A Review of Tom Fanelli’s “Infographics In Action”

By J & J Weiss-Roessler

Most businesses today know that infographics can be a great way for your company to garner buzz and attention and get the word out to a large number of people with a single piece of content. When done well, they marry visual and written concepts and convey a lot of information in a way that’s quick and easy for anyone to process.

So why isn’t everyone doing them? Because it’s hard to come up with an amazing concept, and even more difficult to produce a high-quality one on a budget. You need eye-popping visuals, clear, effective copy, and (often) attention-catching statistics. Unless you have the skills to do those things yourself, that means paying others to help you, and even after you finish the infographic, you have to be able to market it effectively. Many companies simply find those hurdles too daunting.

That’s why Tom Fanelli’s new eBook, Infographics in Action, is so important. In 45 easy-to-read pages, Mr. Fanelli takes readers step-by-step through the process and explains how you can create a fantastic infographic that has people talking about your business and generates lots of leads — all while keeping to a ridiculously tiny budget.

How small? In the introduction, he talks about an infographic that continues to drive traffic for him even after several months that only cost $90 to produce and market. That’s unheard of!

Of course, there are lots of people out there who make outlandish marketing claims. Why should you listen to him? Because business leaders like Intuit, Sage Software, and even Microsoft consider him one of the country’s foremost experts on SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and website development. Basically, he’s been doing this for a while and he knows what he’s talking about.

What kind of content can you expect to get? In clear, concise language, Infographics In Action details exactly how you can:

  • Come up with infographic ideas that fit best with your brand
  • Make sure your topic is actually a good one that people will be interested in by engaging with your audience ahead of time
  • Find amazing, attention-getting data
  • Organize that data in the most compelling way
  • Locate a talented, budget-friendly designer
  • Work with the designer to get the most out of them
  • Make sure the final product is not only high-quality, but also what you want
  • Create buzz by engaging with your audience through “pre-marketing”
  • Promote your infographic to make sure that it reaches the widest possible audience while spending next-to-nothing
  • Track your results so that you can more-closely determine your actual ROI

Each of these things are described in a step-by-step manner with multiple helpful examples and suggestions that cover the needs of any business I can imagine. He even details how much he spent on each part of the process ($10 on marketing!) so that you can get a sense of where to put your money to get the best results.

If you’re a business owner and you’ve been thinking about trying to create an infographic, this is a must read.

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