“Remember the article you wrote for us? They just published it this month, and we already got 2 clients from it!”
Andres Hernandez
Owner, Wingman LegalTech

“The most reliable writer we’ve ever worked with.”
Kelso Kennedy
Co-Founder, Redstamp

“Smart, easy, timely. A pleasure.”
John Prendota,
Publisher, RPC Press

“A real pro.”
Kevin Elliott
Publisher, 21 BlackStreet

“Very professional, a pleasure to work with. Very responsive and provided high value and quality.”
Productivity Associates, Inc.

“Wow! You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful skill. It is truly a gift.”
Damian Duplechain
Houston Marriage Counselor, The Center for Marriage and Family Relationships

“Very easy to work with and embraced a niche topic (polygraph examination) with enthusiasm.”
Eric Seiler
Co-Founder and CEO, Flying Tugboat Studios

“I can’t recommend WR Writing enough. Prompt, professional and most importantly good content. They go the extra mile adding all your tags, h2 titles and even images if you ask them. Thoroughly impressed with the service.”
Roman Hust
Managing Director, Merchandise.co.uk

“Went beyond the bare minimum requirements and wrote at a true professional level. … provided the creativity and originality that I needed. My project was completed on schedule.”
Alicia Parker Realty

“…articles are always interesting to read, have wide appeal and provide tips that are well-researched and depart from the usual.”
Ann-Marie Cernoch
Blog Manager, Quizzle.com

“Reasonable fee and very skillful.”
Henry M. Harlow
Business Consultant

“Juliana is one of those dream employees who comes along once in a lifetime. She is incredible – talented, resourceful, and absolutely 100% reliable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Melissa Jo Peltier
Author, NY Times Bestsellers Cesar’s Way and Be the Pack Leader
Co-Owner, MPH Entertainment, Inc. and Cesar Millan, Inc.

“One of the most hard working, conscientious people I have ever worked with and was a pleasure to do business with! What a special person and employee — a rare gem!”
Stacey Candella
Former Executive Director, Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation

Phenomenally well-organized and highly motivated writer and creative director with a playful prose style and an editor’s eye for detail. An indispensable part of any creative team.”
Stephen Grossman
Writer, Cesar Millan, Inc.

“Submitted work on schedule and even added additional tweets. Great provider and highly recommended.”
Dr. Johnson
Realistic Measures & Consulting

“Careers In Government has worked with Juliana and Josh for a number of years, and their high-impact and engaging articles drive significant traffic while educating our audience. Their articles are highly targeted and a valuable addition to our blog.  All I can say is use them… and use them now!”
Michael Hurwitz
President (Co-Founder), Careers In Government

“Every article is spot on and ready to publish. … An editor’s dream.”
Bill Rice
Founder and Publisher, Your Money Drawer

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"Talented, resourceful, and absolutely 100% reliable."

"Smart, easy, timely. A pleasure."

“Responsive and provided high value and quality.”

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