The Real Power of Social Media Marketing

By Josh Weiss-Roessler

If you’ve got an online business, chances are you know that it’s important to have a presence on social media, but you might not really understand why. Is having a great Facebook business page really going to help you? Or a ton of followers on Twitter? Yes. And here’s why: social media marketing isn’t just about the individual sites and accounts you have; in short, it makes everything else better and stronger.

How? Read on.

People have more avenues to discover and follow you. By creating and maintaining robust and engaging social media accounts and pages, you’re giving customers – and potential customers – additional ways to keep up with your company and click through to your website so you get more traffic and an opportunity to convert them.

You can get the word out easier. Continuously creating content to market your business online can be exhausting. Writing new blogs and emails and newsletters takes a lot of time, and that’s just the beginning because you still have to let people know the content exists and get them to read it. Social media can help with this in a variety of ways. First off, adding Share, Like, Tweet, +1 buttons and the like to blogs allow your visitors to tell their friends when they read something and love it. You can also use programs like HootSuite and set it up so that all of your social media accounts update automatically when you release new content. And even emails and e-newsletters can get in on the act by including their own buttons or links so that recipients can share, too!

It improves SEO. Too many businesses still think that SEO is only about coming up with the right search terms and sprinkling them throughout your content. Not anymore. Google and Bing have both said that social media activity around your brand plays a part in how your site is ranked in search results. That means that you need to have an active social media presence if you want the best chance at reaching the number one search spot.

As social media continues to grow and branch out into different areas (think LinkedIn’s domination of the professional social market, and Pinterest’s focus on visual content), its power and influence will only grow, and the role it plays in marketing your business has to increase. But using it is far less important than knowing how to use it. Like social media itself, that’s something that continues to grow and evolve.

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